Eunju Hong + Jianling Zhang
Die rauschenden Augen

Two channel video installation, size variable, 12mins, 16:9, HD, stereo, 2022

“Langeweile ist ein warmes graues Tuch, das innen mit dem glühendsten, farbigsten Seidenfutter ausgeschlagen ist. In dieses Tuch wickeln wir uns, wenn wir träumen. “ (Walter Benjamin)

Our collaboration looks into the moments when the museum sitters (Museumsaufsicht) emerge above the horizon of the audience’s consciousness. The filming focuses on the fundamental body movements of sitters, which extend beyond the surface of Pinakothek der Moderne into mental and fictional spaces. The character “Sitter” is an amplifier of anyone who makes a living from looking at things and people, and who only becomes visible when certain rules are broken.

We are particularly curious about how the gigantic volume of time as such is consumed. Through the double portraits of Sitter and Stalker, we attempt to transform profound boredom into nameless, formless states of mind and free-floating sensations.

Directed by Eunju Hong, Jianling Zhang
DoP Marvin Puscher
Actor Jakob Geßner
Make up Yuchu Gao
Documentation Rupert Jörg
Special thanks Franziska Kunze

"As if walking through thick snow without leaving footprints." You thought.

Eunju Hong was born in 1993 in Seoul, South Korea. She lives and works between Munich and Seoul. She conceives technology as an organ of the society, which endlessly evolves and clings. Her practice shapes itself as publication, installation and moving image.

Jianling Zhang was born in 1986 in Wuhan, China. Since 2018, she has been studying at AdBK Munich. She is interested in exploring the materiality of texts and the multiple subjectivities in collaborative writing; she applies mixed medium in her practice, such as video, photography and sculpture.

presented at LASSITUDE, part of a group exhibition in Goethe-Institut Paris, France, 2022.
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